Condition for use of the loan vechicles at Villa Pacifica
Our Free Loan Vehicle Disclaimer - Important to read this carefully. 
The loan vehicles are free to use if you have a full drivers license and prepared to replace fuel used. We want to make you aware that they are UNINSURED. It's not a legal requirement to insure a vehicle in NZ and if we acquired the necessary documentation and certification checks/labels to insure the vehicles we would have to apply a rental charge to help out with the cost. NO RESPONSIBILITY for your safety or injury will be taken by the vehicle owners and you will drive our loan car at your own risk.
Our loan cars are kept up to NZ road-worthy standards and have all the necessary legal requirements (Warrant of fitness and Registration) as well as frequent service checks.  
We've had not had an incident or accident by any of our guests since we started in this business 16 years ago but if it were to happen we would cover any damage to our vehicle but once again NOT take responsibility for your safety or injury so you are driving our vehicle at your own risk.
If you are from another country that drives on the right side of the road. 
We give and insist at times on a supervisor drive if you are not used to driving on the left side of the road. Cliff will sit in the passenger seat and observe your driving skills and offer any helpful advise on how to stay safe on Waiheke Island roads. This will last for approximately 30-60 minutes. If Cliff decides that you do not have the skills to drive safely and pose a danger to other road users then you will be forbidden the use of the vehicle. If this circumstance were to arise you will be given the contact details of the cheapest taxi company and we will help out where we can. Example: to drop you off at a vineyard or to go shopping. 
The car is not to be driven East of Onetangi as the roads are unpaved with steep drop-offs in places. Shuttles are available for hire to take you to Man-O-War Bay and Stoney Batter

Waiheke Island is larger than most people think and we consider a car essential if you want to take in all the glorious beaches, vineyards, cafes and restaurants. 
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